Frequently Asked Questions


Responding to Parts Enquiries

We live in a world where our customers expect a quick response to their inquiry. We understand when dealing with international customers we have to take into account time zone differences and language barriers.

General research shows that any type of internet inquiry should be answered within a 24 hour period. As you know that you may be just one of many sellers that have the required part in stock and the sooner you respond to the request, the more likely you will be in winning the business and selling your unwanted part. So in a nut shell it doesn’t matter if it’s a Parts inquiry, Wanted Parts inquiry or any type of inquiry for that matter, the sooner you respond the better your chance of getting the sale.

Reporting SPAM Enquires

Whilst we have taken all necessary measures to ensure that you are not spammed, nothing is 100% full proof. If you’re receiving a large amount of SPAM inquiries please let us know. Simply send a message to and we will investigate.

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