Partmart was created in 1996 with a brief to provide a worldwide search facility for parts for any manufactured product on earth. From that time until now Partmart has had three changes to the way it both looks and operates. We have always listened to our customers and made changes when it was appropriate. Our latest version has a number of unique features like wildcard searching which was requested by Honda Dealers, a new Wholesaler feature for companies that only want to give user name and password access to their inventory by their own agents or dealers and many other changes. We also have multiple requests from several sellers at one click rather than having to send a number of emails to find out whether a seller has an item in stock. We have made Partmart much easier to operate. Most dealers around the world have slow moving, obsolete and dead parts stock that can add up to large sums of money collecting dust on the parts shelves.
Partmart's aim is to help dealers move this stock by making it available to the worldwide marketplace. It has proven to be very successful and now because of the large number of dealers listing their inventories we have been able to reduce the cost of of placing your inventory on Partmart, so dealers are uploading their entire inventory on Partmarts database rather than just their slow moving items. To see Partmart's fees pass your cursor on the Dan de Bolt image on Partmart's home page. If everyone were to place their inventory on Partmart it would be far easier to find parts for your customers and what's more, because the customer wants the item you have found you can ask a fair price for it. If you do not see a category for the products you deal in please email Partmart. We will add the manufacturer in no time at all.

After many years operating in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia we have decided to move our head office to Western Australia.

We can be contacted by Phone on 61 408 796 848 for our overseas customers.
In Australia call Juliet Hyde on 0408 796 848
By mail at
Partmart.Com Pty Ltd
Post Office Box 202
Glen Forrest
Western Australia 6071
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