If your business wholesales product to a network of agents or dealers then
"Partmart Wholesaler" has a part to play in the way you do business.
  • No need to have order taking staff on phones all day. This could save you thousands on wages and associated costs.
  • Less phone lines required. Again another huge saving.
  • Your customers will place orders on line, which means both you, and your customers will have hard copy proof of orders. This means less mistakes and saves time sorting out problems.
  • You can now afford to spend more time out getting new customers or showing your customers new product lines. More profits for your company.
E-Commerce is the way to do business NOW! Not in the future. Technology moves ahead in leaps and bounds, so trying to choose the right time to get involved in e-commerce is almost impossible. Act now and you are on the way to giving your business a presence in E-Commerce. After all it is the 21st century.

Website development can cost you thousands of dollars but with Partmart the cost is as little as just US$10 per week to list up to 30,000 different part or model numbers.
  • Secure login. You allocate the User name and Password to your customers that allows them to access your Partmart database.
  • Very simple file upload so you can keep your Partmart file accurate.
  • Simple order form with order number, freight details and customer ID.
  • Simply the most efficient and economical way to sell your products. Partmart is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No holidays, Sick days, Overtime, etc.
All this for as little as US$10 per week paid quarterly in advance to list up to 30,000 different part or model numbers. More than 30,000 by negotiation.

Once registered on Partmart we will send you instructions on how to access your own administration page where you upload your inventory etc. There are no fees to have your business registered on Partmart. Our fees only apply once you have product listed on your personal file.

Register your business now. www.partmart.com/joinwholesaler